Welcome to the official Obsidian Portal page for ’Mordenkainen’s Finest Hour.’

Herein, you will find the characters, the map, the adventure log, and a few juicy tidbits for the plot. I freely give you all backstory requested save for a few specific plot-important items.

A few worthy notes before you check anything else out:

1) We will not be playing with 3.75 (Pathfinder’s) rules. The nature of the campaign is that we will use old-school rules and spells. Your characters will reflect these changes, and you are free to ask me any questions; preferably either on the forum or through email.

2) This is a heavy role-playing campaign. As such, I will expect you to roleplay as your assumed character at a moment’s notice. You now have the character’s bios as well as an adventure log post, so I expect you to know quite a bit about your characters at this point. If you have any concerns about roleplaying, use the methods mentioned above.

3) Your choices will matter all throughout this game. I have calculated that my endings make it possible to have 120 different character endings. This won’t be a certain red-blue-green ending we’re all very fond of.

Thanks for reading and enjoy,
Paul J. Breene

Mordenkainen's Finest Hour

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